How many days does it take to get a quote back?
We ask for 5-7 business days to have a quote returned to you. If you need something back sooner let us know and we will make every attempt to accommodate your request based the quote specifications.
Once I send in a PO and all necessary documents, how long will it take to get product on site?
Turnaround time is typically 4 weeks. As long as we receive all questions in a timely manner, the designer assigned to the project will have drawings sent back to you for approval in 2 weeks. Once the drawings are approved and we can have your order produced and delivered to the site in 2 additional weeks.
What happens if there are changes on the job? Will I be charged for every change?
Our goal is to complete your project as cost effectively as possible. As experienced electricians, we realize that any job can require changes due to many factors (other trades, job site conditions, GCs, owners, etc.). In most cases we will make the design revisions, push it through to production, and make sure the necessary change is made for all future shipments free of cost.
What does my field team do if they have questions considering this isn't a product they have worked with before?
Our of our sales team members will be willing to come to the jobsite for the initial install to answer any questions and help make sure everything is being installed efficiently. Your field team can also always reach out to our designer.
How does product ship? How can I expect product to arrive?
Product ships on clearly marked skids with each box labeled per room including the whips that are inside. If you have skid size requirements, feel free to let us know and we can facilitate.
What do I do if I have an issue with an assembly when it arrives?
If there is an issue with the product your field team can always reach out to our designer. We ask that they reference the room number, and the tag number so our designer will be able to either make the necessary change or let them know how he designed the specific assembly to be installed. If we made an error we will fix the mistake and send the replacement product.
Am I able to order a mock room to minimize my risk?
We recommend getting a mock unit if at all possible. It allows you to install the product with less of a risk and it allows us to make any necessary changes to the remainder of the job before it is built.
Can I use any distributor that I want to?
Rough-in Ready has a partnership with Hubbell and RACO. We are able to work with any distributor that is setup with either Hubbell or RACO.
What finish plates work with your assemblies?
When devices are pre-installed you must use either use a midsize or jumbo plate. You are also unable to use a screwless plate when the devices are preinstalled. If devices are installed after drywall (SNAP Connect or assemblies without devices) you are able to use any finish plate.
How does your Secure-Trim work?
Please click on our video link to see how Secure-Trim works.
Do you offer open back boxes?
We do not offer the open back box. Our SBRNR bracket utilizes keyhole slots and our patented retention tab. The retention tab keeps the screws down in the keyhole slots so that when the mud ring is kicked to the side the assembly doesn’t fall apart. This allows you to work from the front of the box to make your terminations by loosening 2 screws as opposed to working behind the box by loosening 2 screws. Another benefit to using our SBRNR bracket as opposed to open back box is that you are able to mount the assembly on perimeter walls before making your terminations.